BALI has the reputation of being one of the most enchanting and diverse tourist destinations in the World. Also known as “ The Island of the Gods “ Bali attracts almost 1,000,000 visitors a year, including Internationally famous personalities such us Mick Jagger, David and Iman Bowie, Lady Sarah Ferguson and the most recent was Julia Roberts for the making of her latest movie “ Eat, Pray, Love “ based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best selling memoir with the same title.

Situated between the islands of Java and Lombok, Bali stretches approximately 140 km from East to West and 80 km from North to South. Volcanic mountains, lakes, white sandy beach and spectacular rice terraces have enriched the stunning island.

Denpasar (the Capital City) and Singaraja in the Northern part of the Island are 2 largest towns in Bali. Kuta and Seminyak stretch is the major tourist destination. It is the shopping and night-life mecca of Bali with hundreds of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops.

Nusa Dua on the Southern-most peninsula of the Island and Jimbaran area houses the star-rated International Hotels for up scale tourists and most discerning guests.

The central Ubud, in the hilly region of Gianyar is the artistic and cultural centre of Bali. It has been explored by many famous Western guests since many years ago included of Rudolf Bonet, Charlie Chaplin, Noel Coward, Mick Agger, Julia Roberts, and Antonio Blanco who were contributed largely to the development of  Balinese paintings and art in general.






Meet & Greet @ the airport

Fast Track Immigration procedures & luggage assistances

Transfers to Hotel on Colorful VW safari

Free N Easy after hotel check-in

WELCOME Cocktail Reception




Healthy Breakfast

Cultural Tour

Lunch @ Restaurant by the Rice Field

Sarong PARTY dinner by the Beach



Tai-Chi Class

Healthy Breakfast

Massage & Spa treatment

Aroma Therapy Class

Balinese Cooking Class

BBQ Lunch at the Hotel

Shopping Tour including Lunch

Golf Including Lunch

Gala Theme Dinner " BALI EXTRAVAGANZA"




Breakfast @ Leisure

Check-out & Luggage Collection

Transfers to AIRPORT on air-conditioned deluxe coaches.

Fast Track Immigration procedures and luggage assistances

Bon Voyage……




MEET & GREET @ The Ngurah Rai International Airport Denpasar
As soon as your feet touch the ground, you will meet our staff to assist in speeding up the immigration formalities and collecting your luggage. The process will be conveniences and smooth and before they know it, they will be on the Convertible VW Safari bound to the Hotel, their " Home Away from Home " for the next few days in Bali.

ARRIVAL and CHECK-IN at the Hotel
Bali houses amazing Hotels with International Standards and impeccable services combine with the hospitality of its people that will make the visit to this Island of the Gods a memorable one. Including the Hotel that all group members will be staying during this trip.

Welcome Drinks and scented chilled towels will be presented upon check – in to refresh after an exciting rides on Convertible VW Safari
The check-in will be amazingly fast and all guests will be able to take a minute rest prior to enjoy their beautiful moments in Bali.

The guests may enjoy beautiful white sand Beach at the doorstep of the hotel or relax by the stunning infinity pool of the Hotel. Either way it will be a real treat after a long journey from their respective hometown to Bali.

As the sun sets time for the Group to meet the President of the Company who invites everyone to the WELCOME COCKTAIL RECEPTION
It will be arranged in a beautiful spot of the Hotel, surrounded by Tropical Garden.
This is an opportunity to catch up with long-lost colleagues or get to know the new ones, a networking opportunity and ice breaker sessions amidst the exotic Garden and with the sound of Balinese Traditional Bamboo music instruments played by Balinese Musicians as the background to enhance the exotic atmosphere.

The day will start with a Yoga Class in the morning to salute the Sunrise with a Yoga Master who is the expert in the art of the wellness for body and mind…

After a 45 minutes Yoga Class, a healthy breakfast will be prepared for the group in a nice restaurant setting overlooking the ocean to allow the guests to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the 1st morning in Bali.

We will not let the guests idle for too long, as after breakfast and refresh, we will take the guests on a CULTURAL TOUR to UBUD a stunning place in Bali literally means the " Morning Dew " and is the Bali's Cultural Centre.

Browse the galleries for amazing Balinese paintings by talented local artists, and watch how the local artisans doing their works even try to do your own artwork under their supervisions.

Bali has been the destinations for Western artists since time immemorial. They came to Bali to find a peace with themselves and the nature and eventually to find inspiration for their masterpiece. These artists were include of Adrien Jean Le Mayeur, Walter Spies, Miguel Covarrubias, Collin Mcphee, Arie Smith and Antonio Blanco. They were all fascinated with Bali and was the beginning of the era of tourism in Bali.

Back to the Group's activities, after a day in Ubud including a nice Lunch by the Paddy Rice Field Restaurant, the guests return to the Hotel.

Arrives at the Hotel, all guests will get ample of time for a relaxation until time for BEACH & SARONG PARTY in the evening.

The Guests will find SARONG and Balinese Headdress in their respective rooms upon their arrival in the hotel after Cultural Tour with Instruction of how to wear it in more than one options.
If it is complicated for you, just bring the sarong to the Hospitality Desk and we will do it for you.

The guests will be assembled in the Main Lobby area and Usherettes in Traditional Balinese Costumes will lead them to the BEACH where the dinner with the theme RING OF FIRE will be served.

The area will be decorated with TIKI TORCHES places around the area.
We will place stack of wood that will be lit up by the delegates together just before the dinner
The Dinner will feature a sumptuous BBQ Seafood Dinner ( with options for those who are not keen on Seafood or due to health reasons not eating seafood )

The dinner will commence with the performance of FIRE DANCE by Beautiful Contemporary Dancers to set up the mood
During the dinner, the guests will be entertained with a Quartet of Musicians playing Acoustic instruments and featuring the favorite tunes that guests will be able to sing along or dance together with.

The ambiance is nice with sea breezes to cool down and to end the dinner, the guests will release the LANTERN of HOPES for the success of the company in the years to come

We are serious about keeping the WELLNESS of everyone in the Group….
Today we will bring a TAI-CHI Masters for a stretching, relaxation and a peace of your mind and body

After a Healthy breakfast, the guests will be able to choose from a number of activity options to experiences :

• Golf at NIRWANA GOLF the famous Golf Course in Bali designed by a celebrated Golfer Mr. Greg Norman
• Shopping Spree including Lunch
• A 2 hours Spa Treatment
• Balinese Cooking Classes
• Aroma Therapy Classes

An International BBQ buffet lunch will be served from the Restaurant by the Beach ( except for Golf and Shopping Spree activities. Lunch for them will be served on site )

By 3.30 pm all guests are relaxing in the Hotel 6.30 pm where all the guests will be going to TAMAN BHAGAWAN, a stunning venue in Nusa Dua area where we will feature BALINESE EXTRAVAGANZA theme evening.

Transfers to the TAMAN BHAGAWAN will be on Balinese HORSE CARRIAGE as a fun option if you are staying in a hotel located not too far from the dinner venue.
Otherwise we will provide air-conditioned coaches

Guests will be in Smart Casual White Shirts and Dresses for ladies and adorned by Batik Scarf we have provided in their respective rooms.

A witty and fun master ceremony will lead the program. The MC will be presenting in English and it could be paired with your own MC to be able to interact actively with the audience to create great atmosphere.

A local top 40 dance band will be the highlight of the evening and will entertain the guests alternately with a Resident DJ featuring the favorites of the 90s to the most currents ( songs preferences from the Clients will be entertained )

Impromptu fun games will be created to enhance the fun of the evening.

There will be award presentation for highest achievers
Procession for the presentation will be arranged

The evening will be ended with a Toast, balloon drops and dance the night away until just before midnight.
The guests will be transferred back to the Hotel on air-conditioned coaches.

Breakfast at Leisure @ the Hotel's Restaurant

Luggage Collection by Hotel
Pre Airline Check-in & Pre paid of airport tax

Check-out from Hotel
Airport transfers

Meet & Greet by our staff
Guests will be presented by the BOARDING PASS and receipt of Airport Tax

Our Staff will assist with Luggage Check-in after identification by the Guests

Guests to proceed to immigration counters and will be waiting in the Executive Lounge that we have arranged for all guests until flight departure time


End of The Program……


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