Panorama Events (PE) was formerly known as Panorama Convex Indah (PCI), a professional meeting, incentive, conference and exhibition (MICE) consultant with a wide array of experience in organizing local and international events in Indonesia founded in 1999.

A subsidiary of Panorama Leisure Group (PLG), the most dynamic, diverse and progressive group of companies in Indonesia, PCI was fully supported by the group's long-standing experience in the tourism industry. Since its establishment 40 years ago, PLG has become a seasoned expert in tour and travel management as well as hotel and transportation arrangement with an extensive network of hotels in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali and other major travel destinations in Indonesia.

PT. Panorama Evenindo (PE) is the Indonesia's leading event's organizer and has established strong brand identity in certain sectors of events, all have strong reputations and identities with customers, earned through more than twelve years of sustained good performance. With unrivalled experience within the country in developing, marketing, selling and organi zing exhibitions and events.

PE's brands have built their reputation through sustained delivery of successful events to customers.

By decentralizing the management and operations of its diverse portfolio of vertical industries, the company maintains the ability to stay close to customer needs in disparate markets that it believes is the key to long-term success.

PE has recognized emerging market sectors before the early adoption phase, producing events that serve as gateways to market leadership and PE is committed to measurable results and to continuously proving the value of our events to our customers/clients.

Our Commitments

Growing Globally
Building new markets and raising brand awareness globally is a key item on major corporations agenda. We can work with you to help you leverage expert strategic knowledge, regional resources and local infrastructure to bring your brand or service faster to market, increase your event sustainabi-lity and return on investment.

Energizing Performance
Achieving top line growth, meeting the ever changing needs & expectations of customers and having a competitive advantage are vital factors to succeed in today's dynamic business environment. We also specialize in improving internal communication effectiveness, productivity and encourage employee motivation through reward and recognition strategies. We employ analytical tools into our strategic consulting and delivery so that success and ROI can be measured.

Sharing Defining Moments
Face-to-face communication is a powerful means to engage with your audience's hearts and minds to influence behavior, communicate effectively and leverage human connections.

Delivering Operational Excellence
Combining expert tactical knowledge and regional networks with local teams and resources, we operate effectively across languages and cultural barriers to help you connect the best people in the right places – on time, on budget and seamlessly.

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